Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writers Police Academy 2013: Part One

“The Writers’ Police Academy offers the most hands-on, interactive and educational experience writers can find to enhance their understanding of all aspects of law enforcement and forensics.
This is a one of a kind event, featuring real police, fire, and EMS training at an actual police academy. Top instructors and experts!”

Here are bits and slices of my weekend at the outstanding event described above.One of the things I took away from this is that the men and women who put their lives on the line for us truly believe in God. They believe that a higher force watches over them, and it was very moving for me to hear them speak.
L-R Chief of Police Scott Silverii, ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan, and former Secret Service Special Agent Mike Roche.

One of the gals I met at Writer's Police Academy hid in the rubble of the 911 World Trade Towers just so one of the Search and Rescue dogs could find a live human. Those dogs were terribly traumatized because they were not cadaver dogs. Their job was to find live humans and they couldn't.  

                                           The Jaws of Life!

After these firemen took this car apart there was nothing left but pieces!

     When the EMT training goes on, they make it look real!

                    Sasscer Hill the EMT Victim and Rhonda Lane

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Rhonda Lane said...

Wow! Did we ever learn a lot! I missed seeing our friend in her performance, which I'm sure was stellar, but it was one of the many courses I had to miss out on to take something I needed. Priorities. Ack!