Thursday, August 11, 2011


A gang of hard-shooting authors will gallop into St. Louis for the Anthony Boucher Mystery Convention in September. Pandemonium, panels, and podiums will take over the town. Writers, outfitted in shiny new badges, will draw pens and pencils and start firing. May the best gun win.

This is what happens when I learn the Bouchercon Committee has assigned me two panels at the convention. I get excited, words break loose, run wild, and fingers on the keyboard race out of control. If you will be at Bouchercon, come see me and the other authors on these two panels.

Let me give you the restrained version on my two performances.

Thursday, September 15
“SCRATCHES: Adding Depth to Character.”
Hotel room location: Landmark 1,2,3
Panelists: Mysti Berry (Moderator), Sparkle Abbey, Sasscer Hill, Joy Laughter, Victoria Laurie, Sandra Parshall

Saturday, September 17 8:30AM-9:30AM
“RELEASE ME: Finish Your Research and Write Your Book.”
Hotel room location: Majestic A,B,C
Panelists: Sasscer Hill (Moderator), Dan Johnson, Frances McNamara, Judy Moresi, Roberta Rogow, Nancy Means Wright.

Okay, I admit it. I have never moderated a panel before. Will I flub it? You won't know if you're not there.  When I mentioned the word "flub" to Tim Hallinan, author of  Macavity Best Novel Nominee, THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, he sent me the kindest tweet on Twitter:

Only 2 ways to moderate badly: do all the talking and not have questions. I know you won't do either.
Direct message sent by Timothy Hallinan (@TimHallinan) to you (@SasscerHill) on Aug 10, 11:33 AM.
Timothy Hallinan

I can do that, I am sure. I have to end this blog now, drink more coffee, and study my panelists’ books. More later.