Monday, October 8, 2012

CAPTION CONTEST! Photos from Bouchercon 2012

  On the my last day at Bouchercon, I was picking up my few unsold books from bookseller Richard Katts of Mystery One Books. It was time to catch my flight and lug the books home. I looked up from my bag of books and Lee Child appeared before me. Right there, sitting at my bookseller’s table! 

Never one to miss an opportunity to be annoying, I thrust my camera at an unsuspecting stranger, darted around the table, and knelt next to the man who’s almost as tall as Jack Reacher. The stranger snapped the picture below. 

It’s not the best photo, so I asked my Facebook friends for help. We ran a photo caption contest. 

The number of Facebook “likes” for each caption narrowed the contest to three entries from dozens of great ones. The committee’s giggle meter provided final order of finish. 

Third place goes to, Bob Sanchez: “Sasscer Hill, taking success in stride."

Second place goes to Anna Tauzin’s entry, “Act cool, it's Lee Child, OMG!" 

Notice Lee’s smile and picture a caption bubble over his head as you read Rhonda Lane’s winning quote: “Wait ‘til I tell Lynda that the studio wants to produce the Nikki Latrelle books starring Tom Cruise in drag." 

Below are some other fun photos from Bouchercon 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Murder in the Great Outdoors panel. Stephen Booth, Robin Harlick, Paul Doiron, Sasscer Hill, and Curt Wendelboe.
Sasscer Hill and Curt Wendelboe before the start of the panel.
Robin Harlick and British author Stephen Booth. He was very popular and really drew in a crowd. I was proud to be there.
Sasscer Hill outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where the opening ceremonies were held for Bouchercon 2012.
Inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mary Higgins Clark!
Author John Connolly interviews "Tom Cruise" who will star in the new "Jack Reacher," movie.

Parnell Hall entertains us at the Sisters in Crime breakfast on Friday morning. Did he know SinC would sweep the Anthony Awards?
 Hank Phillippi Ryan and Sasscer Hill in the Book Room. I need to get some red lipstick . . .
Thriller author Zoe Sharp, looking sharp.