Friday, July 6, 2012

A July 2012 Review for “Racing from Death.”

Agog and amazed upon receipt of this lovely review!

"Small Press Reviews" by Betty Webb in Mystery Scene Magazine, 2012 Summer

 Sasscer Hill brings us another exciting racehorse mystery in Racing from Death (Wildside Press, $13.99). When Maryland jockey Nikki Latrelle,introduced in the Agatha-nominated Full Mortality, takes several horses to race at a Virginia track, she lands in the middle of several cold cases. Years earlier, two teenage boys were shot to death, leaving their mother in despair. Around the same time, another mother disappeared, abandoning her young son to his cold father. In the present, and possibly connected to those old tragedies, jockeys are dropping dead, victims of a lethal weight-loss drug. Horse lovers and fans of Dick Francis will love Hill’s you-are-there-on-the-racecourse thriller, but the real asset of this excellent series is the hard-riding, hard-partying Nikki herself. After being orphaned, Nikki ran away to the track, where she found her calling. Spirited to a fault, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, especially when their ignorance harms horses. Nikki’s racetrack friends are worth mentioning, too. Lorna, an exercise rider, loves too hard and too blindly; Mello, an elderly groom, has a touch of the Sight. In fact, Mello’s visions give Racing from Death the touch of magic that separates it from standard mystery fare. Add to the character mix a mysterious crying man who haunts a nearby forest, and we’re given an utterly unique take on racetrack thrillers. novel or read free chapters!