Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three of Five Best First Agatha Finalists Who Didn't Win The Award

Laura Alden, Alan Orloff, and Sasscer Hill upon realizing they did not win the Agatha. Rumor has it that Amanda Flower, who could not be found for this picture, may have thrown herself from the Hyatt Regency roof.  But that is mere speculation and probably not true.

Fortunately, my old pal, award winning writer Vinny O'Neil found me wallowing in self pity, slapped me around a bit, and straightened me right out.

"You're a finalist in the Best First Agatha Award!" he said.  "Get a grip. Since when did the best book always win?  Get over it. Give me a thumbs up!"

So I did.
When a former Army Ranger says give me a thumbs up, I do.
But all was not lost.  I got to meet Sue Grafton and give her a tip for the Derby. I had lunch with the best selling author whose books I devour like chocolate, Julie Smith.

Above: Sasscer Hill, three time Agatha nominee Elizabeth Zelvin, and NY Times best selling author Julie Smith. Below, Julie Smith and Sue Grafton providing the audience with a fabulous and humorous interview near the end of the Malice convention.

Above: At last Sasscer Hill meets her idol, New York Times Best Seller and winner of every mystery award known to man, Sue Grafton!

What an eloquent speaker Sue Grafton is.  She talks as good as she writes, and that's saying something!
Sasscer Hill at Best First panel between finalists Amanda Flower and Alan Orloff

Below, in white jacket, the Winner of the Best First Agatha Award: Avery Aames. Congratulations Avery!
Avery Aames and Sasscer Hill


Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Darn, I wish I'd thought of a boo-hoo photo with the other short story nominees! Hey, it's great that we were "conten-duhs." And lunch with you and Julie Smith was fun for me too. :)

Polly said...

You'll have your turn, Sasscer. And it'll be for best book.

Amanda Flower said...

Never fear! I'm alive and well. It was nice to meet you Sasscer! :)

Amanda Flower said...

Never fear! I'm alive and well. It was nice to meet you Sasscer! :)

Tammy Kaehler said...

You are all winners and delightful people! Great to see you!

PatRemick said...

This was delightful -- thanks for sharing! And congrats for being an Agatha nominee. No one can ever take that away from you!!

Sasscer Hill said...

Amanda, thanks for letting us know that wild rumor was completely false. I hope you sell a million copies of MAID OF MURDER!

Laura Alden said...

Glad you've perked up, Sasscer :) And I'm really glad Amanda is all right. I was getting worried about her!

Sasscer Hill said...

Hi, Laura! I hope you sell a million copies of MURDER AT THE PTA! It was really nice to meet you.

Alan Orloff said...

I'm still crying!!!

Sasscer Hill said...

Gee, Alan, me too -- boo hoo. Giggle.