Sunday, May 16, 2010


Above:  Sasscer Hill, Julia Jenkins and owner-breeder George Strawbridge sitting in the stands during the post parade of the Gallorette, hoping that Rainbow View will win!

The saddle blanket worn by every horse in the Gallorette Handicap.  

Julia Jenkins, George Strawbridge (holding FULL MORTALTIY), jockey Julien Leparoux, and Sasscer Hill immediately after Strawbridge wins the Gallorette with Rainbow View.

Above: Rainbow View Winning the Gallorette

The legendary mare Gallorette plays a part in “Full Mortality.”  In the novel, jockey Nicky Latrelle is drawn to a race filly who’s fallen down the claiming ranks, into bad hands and finally is doomed to a slaughter house.  Nicky rescues the filly, and the ancient groom Mello, who befriends Nicky, is convinced the filly is a reincarnation of Gallorette.  Nicky thinks Mello is crazy, but then again, she sometimes wonders.

If you read my history on the Thoroughbred Racing in New York website this past week (posted below) or read the fictional story about Gallorette in “Full Mortality,” you will know how extraordinary it was for me to be a guest of George Strawbridge for the running of the Gallorette Handicap yesterday at Pimlico. Mr. Strawbridge’s Rainbow View won the race!

Strawbridge and I had a deal – I would be his guest provided I gave him a signed copy of my new novel, “Full Mortality.” I did, Rainbow View won the Gallorette, and darned if  Strawbridge didn’t carry the book right into the winner’s circle, onto national TV and into all the press photos!

What are the chances?

Pictured below is a shot of Michael Matz seated with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, famed owners of Barbaro. Additionally are pictures of Sasscer Hill hanging with the HRTV press and camera man after the Gallorette win, and at her table signing books on Black-Eyed Susans Day.

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