Monday, April 30, 2012

MALICE DOMESTIC 2012: Malicious Highlights

Just returned and still recovering from the 2012 mystery conference, Malice Domestic.
Sending out congratulations to Agatha Best Novel winner, Margaret Maron for her 2011 “Three-Day Town.” Go Margaret!
 Margaret Maron shown last year keeping the Agatha Best First  nominees under her wing.

Hooray for Sara J. Henry, who just won the Agatha Best First Novel for her book, “Learning to Swim.”
Author Sasscer Hill and Agatha Best First Novel winner
Sara J. Henry
 And kudos to my friend  Leslie Budewitz for winning the Agatha for Best Non-fiction with “Books, Crooks and Counselors: How to Write Accurately About Criminal Law and Courtroom.”
Leslie Budewitz, Best Non Fiction!

 Some of the highlights:
 A trash-bag-straight-jacket saved my silk suit. The delightful author of "Chihuahua of the Baskervilles," Esri Allbritten and I decided to skip out on the expensive Malice Banquet and go to an inexpensive Indian restaurant across the street. Unfortunately, rain poured onto the street while we were eating Tandoori lamb.
This is why they call the conference "Malice Domestic." Pictured above is my friend and panel referee "Alan 'the Whistle' Orloff," totally failing to keep me under control. This pic is from the "Three Strikes and Your Out" panel of sports mystery authors. 

Below, schmoozing with mystery writer, Parnell Hall, author of the popular "Steve Winslow" series. 

Me and Becky Hutchinson. I lost those glasses, if anyone found them, let me know!

Two great gals! Sisters in Crime members Ellet Logan 
and Ellen Byerrum.

My favorite publisher! John Betancourt of Wildside Press! 

Jack Cater, marvelous moderator of "Malice Go Round" led us through a maze of madness!
The Guppy lunch!

Me and Judy Hogan, whose new book comes out soon!!


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

What fabulous photos! YOU really captured the spirit--and the trash bag is a classic! SO lovely to see you..xoox

Cindy Sample said...

So glad we had a chance to meet. I love your series. And now I have photos of the event since I'm so lame I only took one!

PS - I'm going to skip the trench coat and wear Sasscer rain gear from now on!

Karen Cantwell said...

Great post! And as I see that you lost some glasses: I was handed a pair by Sara Henry who thought they were Debbi Mack's. Turns out they were not, so I handed them to the front desk of the hotel for their lost and found. You were sitting at that table for a few minutes (I believe), so you may want to call the hotel! Let's hope they're yours!

G.M. Malliet said...

Great photos. So nice to recapture the memories...already fading! Best to you and see you soon at the next fiesta. Gin

G.M. Malliet said...

Sasscer - not sure my comment made it through. My relationship with the Internet is fraught. But it was so good to see you. Great photos. Gin

Kristi said...

So much fun to put faces to many of the Guppy names! And I was wondering what the heck that white jacket was! ; )

June Shaw said...

Thanks so much for the photo trip to Malice. Love seeing the folks -- and your new raingear. I'm going after some like that right now.

Sasscer Hill said...

You Sisters In Crime gals are the BEST! Thanks for the comments. Sasscer

Patg said...

Great pictures. Thanks.

Maggie Toussaint said...

I enjoyed your pics, Sasscer! I've still got mine on my camera, but I'm planning to take them off before the conference next year!

Malice was so much fun - and I have to say I loved the trash bag pic. We've done that a few times in a pinch. Nice to know you and Esri are so resourceful.

Best wishes! Maggie

Kaye George said...

You're fast getting the pix up! I never take enough.

I hope you find the glasses! I left my e-reader on a table to get up and talk to someone and found Sheila waving it around when I returned. But I didn't lose it--whew! There was a lot of Musical Chairs going on. :)

Sasscer Hill said...

Sadly, when I called the Hyatt lost and found they said they did not have my glasses. Drug store glasses, but still . . .

Marilyn Levinson said...

I love your photos, Sasscer. So sorry I had to miss Malice this year.

Sasscer Hill said...

Hi, Marilyn. Missed you being there this year!

Nancy J. Cohen said...

Good pix, it was a great conference.