Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am a writer. I love horses. I love a star studded sky, a sickle moon, and a breeze that starts up out of nowhere and sways through the tree tops like a lonely spirit. Some horses are like a night sky, fathomless and mysterious.
Some can be amazingly irritating, and I know they do it on purpose. I love humor, too. It always pops up in my stories along with three recurring themes: Chasing the dream, fighting the odds, and helping the helpless.
My life seems to be about chasing a dream. At some level, everyone on this planet is doing just that. My dream is to have published novels, and to entertain mystery and horse lovers by shaping a story world they will always want to come back to.
I have several published short stories, the most recent being "Pretty Fraudulent," which appears in the mystery anthology "Chesapeake Crimes 3."
My best to you. Chase that dream!

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