Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maryland Court of Appeals Dismisses Laurel Racing's Suit

Has any state ever worked so hard to trash an industry?

On July 21, -- despite the press's contention the Maryland of court of appeals was in recess until September -- the court ruled that a dispute over Laurel Park’s disqualified bid to open a slot-machine casino should be decided by a state contracting board before being litigated in court. In other words, they refused to rule, sending the issue back for further delay.

I have to wonder if a slots license will ever be awarded to anyone before the Maryland racing industry is buried six feet under. Amazing how Pennsylvania got their slots up and running in record time with barely a quibble. The purses there are up 100%, and bonuses for PA breds are fabulous.

Who is lining the pockets of our state legislators to keep killing this industry? Developers? Some as yet unknown group that has their own plans for slots and gambling in our state?

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