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It's 10:00 a.m. in Maryland, which means it's 1:00 a.m. in Japan and probably, our US Japan Cup contenders and their associates are sleeping. However, while you were sleeping earlier, this is what they had to say about the horses on the eve of the big race:

2009 News
November 28 2009

29th running of the Japan Cup

Training Report of Foreign Entrees

November 28, 2009 (Saturday)


*The following comments are excerpts from quotes given by the connections and transcribed as faithfully to the original text as possible.

At Tokyo Racecourse

INTERPATATION (USA, g7, dark bay or brown)

- walked, jogged 1lap (dirt course)
(ridden by David Cohen from 6:52 to 7:00,)

“He felt good this morning. We’re all set for tomorrow.”

(comments taken from David Cohen)

JUST AS WELL (USA, h6, dark bay or brown)

- jogged 600m, cantered 1/2 lap (dirt course)
(ridden by Barry Wiseman from 7:03 to 7:10)

“I think he’s in great form. It was a good idea to let him have a rest yesterday. He looks terrific.”

(comments taken from Jonathan Sheppard)

“His condition is very good. Tomorrow, I’m going to ride him and do very light work around the stables for about 20 minutes. We want him to be relaxed in a quiet atmosphere, and let him charge up his energy for tomorrow’s race.”

(comments taken from Barry Wiseman)

MARSH SIDE (USA, h6, dark bay or brown)

- jogged 1 lap (dirt course)
(ridden by Marcelino Olguin from7:22 to 7:30)

“He looks like he’s very happy and his condition is good.”

(comments taken from Neil Drysdale)

CONDUIT (IRE, c4. chestnut)

- jogged, cantered 1/2 lap, jogged, walked 1/2 lap (dirt course)
(ridden by Ryan Moore from 6:01 to 6:13)

“Since we breezed him yesterday, and that the race is tomorrow, we didn’t do anything special this morning. I’m pleased with how he is.”

(comments taken from Michael Stoute)

“He felt good this morning—just like yesterday, and I’m happy with him. He’s fully prepared.”

(comments taken from Ryan Moore)

SCINTILLO (GBR, c4. chestnut)

- hand-walked in stable area only

“The horse’s condition is very good. He has a good appetite, he’s healthy and I’m very pleased with him.”

(comments taken from Gerald Mosse)
(comments taken from Stephen Knight)

Japan Cup (G1) : Nov. 29 (Sun) Tokyo 10th race 2,400m turf

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