Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27 Japan Cupm, Just As Well News

Barry called about 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time, and in Japan, it was 10:00 a.m. tomorrow! He was finishing up stables and says Justy is doing well.

He reports a Tokyo newspaper ran a picture of him working Justy on the track yesterday and referred to Just as Well as the "Dark Horse." They also mentioned the "mysterious illness" that kept Justy out of training for two years and precipitated his sale from George Strawbridge to Jonathan Sheppard.

The JRA lent Barry a bicycle, and for those of you who know him, you won’t be surprised that he’s putting it to good use. He bicycles everywhere he goes, be it Saratoga, Gulfstream Park, or Presque Isle Downs. Apparently, he’s having fun zooming about, shopping, and picking up groceries while sightseeing around Tokyo. He’s fascinated by all the tiny cars and mopeds and hundreds of other people on bicycles. Probably, he feels right at home.

My only concern is that Jonathan will rent one of those tiny little cars. To understand the concern please read “THE MYSTERY OF THE CROWDED CAR” here:

Following is copy from the JRA given today, the day after Just As Well’s work:
JUST AS WELL (USA, h6, dark bay or brown)
1. - walked around stable area only
"He's eating well and he feels good. He's in good form."
(comments taken from Barry Wiseman)
"I'm pleased with the horse's condition. Our draw (no. 7) is ideal since we were hoping for a middle stall. How he'll race will mostly be up to the jockey, but probably he'll sit somewhere from the middle and back and close in on the stretch. I hope there's a fast pace early in the race. They say that it's going to rain on Sunday, but as long as the going isn't too soft, I don't think it'll bother him. We'll just take him out on the dirt tomorrow and do some light work. He doesn't need any more strong work."
(comments taken from Jonathan Sheppard)

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Hope Just As Well runs big!