Sunday, November 29, 2009


In top picture, B.G. Wiseman (behind horse) walking Justy at Tokyo's quarantine center. In the second photo, that's Barry on Breeder's Cup Filly and Mare Sprint Winner, Informed Decision. Photo by Rick Samuels.

So how much did Justy make for running in 7th place?

Hey, they got a nice piece of it, after all. Simply an awesome purse payout. Barry called just before 8:00 p.m. and said if they'd finished sixth, the horse would have earned $300,000. Whoa!

I think the whole purse payout issue should be looked at here in the U.S. We complain that we can't fill our races. Maybe if owners and trainers had a chance to win a little money, even when they didn't hit the board, they'd enter more often. And maybe if the good horses took home 46% of the win purse instead of 65%, they would run more often than once every two months!

And what does the future hold for our Justy? If he wanted to, Jonathan could stand the horse at stud this spring. Justy has won over a million, and he's won a grade 1. And lest anyone say Just As Well won that grade 1 by default at Marsh Side's expense, look at the charts from the Japan Cup. Just As Well beat the pants off Marsh Side! Again.

Barry said Justy could have finished better if he hadn't been squeezed back by the field. He feels the horse is "determined. He and Jonathan are pleased the horse ran as well as he did -- in such a huge field, for such a long distance.

Barry said, "The horse is so sound, we will probably continue to run him in 2010."

I, for one, and thrilled to hear it

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